Donut Boat Ride is one of the recently well-liked water activities in Dubai. Donut Boat Ride sports is a water activity sitting on a donut, rocked and pulled by speedboat.  The shape of boat is just like a donut.  Here two players can join at a same time and you can adjust the speed as per your requirement.

If you want to enjoy an entertained ride, you must go for a Donut Boat Ride. The concept is similar to a banana boat ride.  Donut Boat Ride Tour in JBR Beach is similar to the Banana boat except that its designed shape is like a donut and it provides a great sense of safety with less chance to fall into the water while riding.

Your Donut Boat Ride will provide you an entrained ride, winding, revolving in the middle of the sea depend on your age limit and ride preference.

The shape of a donut-like shape with Banana Boats just a lot like a donut, donut here can be played by 2 people and it depends on the speed boat on request. You will rock on a unique boat shaped like a donut and haggard at full speed by the best speedboat. This is one of the best water activities opts by people during summertime. Professionals for your safety will adjust the speed of the donut boat. Children advised riding with slow speed as compared to the adults. Now get ready for a water adventure and book your ride!