Skydiving is one of the most popular or what you would call a “niche sport,” around the globe, where the adrenaline rush of high altitudes connects with the amazing scenery of nature and cities. While the idea of free-falling from the sky might seem scary at first, skydiving is a safe and fun choice for adventurers of all ages.

Between a growing amount of exposure brought to skydiving from tv and film and due to an increased presence of adventure influencers on TV, Films and social media platforms, you surely have seen a fair share of skydiving footage by now. 

The basics are simple : you board an airplane, take the high rise, jump from it, deploy a parachute, and land right back where you started. While this is pretty much the case, there’s still so much more to discover and a whole world about skydiving that remains under wraps.  

We’re here to share the inside scoop, Dos & Don’ts & tips and Guidelines of the skydiving experience at the Abu Dhabi Skydive! So first of :

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What is Tandem Skydiving?

A tandem skydive also known as tandem parachuting is a skydiving experience where two people jump out of an airplane together, strapped to each other during the entire drop down. This allows the participant to thoroughly enjoy the experience without worrying about making any wrong moves.It is the perfect way for beginners to experience skydiving as a lot of science goes behind skydiving and beginners or novice skydivers may not be able to process all these rules. Also no skydiving center will let you jump alone on your first freefall, and even after a few tandem jumps!

The tandem instructor will guide the skydive, control the canopy and land. 

He will explain everything in detail and will also open the parachute when the time comes.This way you don’t have to worry about anything as he will pretty much do the entire job for you.

All you have to do is keep your body in a certain position while falling and landing and that should be all.The freefall will last for almost 60 seconds.

You also don’t need any prior experience for this.

And yes you can request female instructors upon booking as well. Just make sure to request ahead of time

The Experience

Has skydiving anxiety got you feeling on edge? Heart palpitations, rapid breathing, racing thoughts and so on? Let us assure you, these feelings are completely valid. So,what can be done about the skydiving anxiety?

Breath in & RELAX!  

One of the best things about skydiving is that it feels like flying and falling at the same time. The reason for this is a mix of physics and perception. You may worry that skydiving will result in the stomach drop sensation you get on roller coasters and other amusement park rides but honestly, it’s nothing like that.

You can Skydive even with fear of heights

Honestly, the scariest part of skydiving isn’t the 120 mph fall itself but rather the steps leading up to the skydive.The process of preparing for a skydive is often way more nail biting than the actual freefall. This is because first skydives are more psychologically challenging than they are physically challenging. To come out on top, you’ve got to be ready to flex your mental chops. 

Generally, people are caught off-guard when they find out that tons of active skydivers have a fear of heights. That’s right. A little case of acrophobia doesn’t have to keep you grounded. But once you jump, it feels like complete freedom!

Abu Dhabi Guidelines / Safety Hazards

The Abu Dhabi Sports and Aviation Club has laid out certain criteria that need to be fulfilled to be eligible for skydiving in Abu Dhabi. The first criterion is being of an age more than 18 years. Secondly, the participant’s weight should be less than 100 kg. Anyone with a weight over 110 kg will require approval from the tandem instructor. Additionally, having an ideal BMI is preferred as the applicant needs to fit in the harness.

Also by FAA regulation, all intentional parachute jumps must be made with a single harness, dual parachute system with both a main and a secondary, or reserve, parachute. Basically, if one doesn’t work, you have another one. The reserve parachutes are inspected and repacked every 180 days by an FAA-certified rigger whether they’ve been used or not. 


Skydiving is an activity that is highly influenced by the weather. Conditions like high wind speed, low lying clouds, poor visibility and rain can delay or cancel a skydiving experience. If such situations arise, your skydiving experience will be put on hold and you will be continuously kept updated with the changes in the weather. If no sign of improvement you will be rescheduled to try skydiving on the next available slot. If you are not able to do so you will be given a refund. The Abu Dhabi Sports and Aviation Club holds the rights to close the premises without prior notice. In such cases you will be contacted either through email or phone for a reschedule or cancellation. The ADSAC will not be held responsible for expenses incurred by participants in such situations.

Arrival Time & Duration

Participants are required to be on location a minimum of 30 minutes before scheduled skydiving time. Example if you have booked the 9.00 am slot for skydiving, arrive by 8.30. From the time of arrival until you finish the jump, the entire experience will last roughly 3.5 to 4 hours.

Sometimes you may arrive all jacked up with excitement only to have that energy quelled due to low clouds. If you’ve never skydived before, it’s an emotional day of highs and lows, and patience is key as weather plays a huge role in this.


-Bring along your Passport / Emirates ID / Drivers License or any other official government identification certificate with valid photo

-A fully filled and signed copy of the Tandem Waiver form will also be required which will be available on the spot.


Max weight for men tandem jumpers is 100 kg and for women 85 kg. This is because the harness becomes difficult to put on, uncomfortable to wear and tight enough during freefall if the person is overweight.

Dress code

-Dress casually in seasonable, lightweight and basic clothing like pants or shorts and t-shirt. Abu Dhabi Skydive provides you with a jumpsuit to wear in freefall. 

-Sports shoes are recommended and make sure they’re tight enough so that the wind doesn’t take them right off..Stay away from flip flops, sandals or boots as these can come off during freefall

-Avoid wearing any costly accessories or jewelries

-You can wear glasses or contacts as well. Most skydiving centers provide goggles designed for those that wear glasses or contact lenses to keep the wind out of your eyes and your contacts intact.

This way you won’t be flying blind.

-If you’ve got long hair, it’s better to tie it up because if your hair is flying into the eyes of your instructor above you, then… you know where this is going, it’s a no go. 

What to eat

It’s very important to eat before a skydive and jumping on an empty stomach is definitely not recommended. Have a healthy moderate size, light meal before your experience because believe it or not, you’re more likely to get sick if you don’t eat before your skydive. Passing out is a possibility, due to the individual not having eaten before.

A skydive is a major adrenaline rush that often results in a drop in blood sugar if a person has not eaten. That drop in blood sugar will leave you worse off than feeling hungry ,expect nausea or even vomiting.You are preparing your body for a completely new experience and you want to make sure it is in tip-top condition. This will make your body happy, relaxed and ready to go! Also, stay hydrated.

Now please don’t overindulge and go over eat because you may see your breakfast again and that would not be a good sight!


Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, having a conversation in freefall is a total impossibility. It’s just too loud and a lot of wind is rushing by!  You just cannot hear each other. It’s like having a conversation from car to car when you’re moving 120mph. So If you have any queries, just ask your instructor beforehand.

Wearing your own POV camera

It is NOT ALLOWED for any students or jumpers with under 200 jumps to wear POV cameras. There has been a direct correlation of both accidents and fatalities in extreme sports due to the desire for people to capture their experience on video and become internet superstars. The camera becomes, to some degree, a weapon and can act as a hindrance.

Price Factor

There are circumstances in which you get what you pay for and Skydiving happens to be one of them. 

To run a safe operation means you’ve got to charge a fair price as the cost of a skydive often encompasses the funds required to properly maintain aircraft equipment and hire the best skydiving instructors,  so  doing the whole skydiving thing for cheap isn’t such a good idea.

All the tandem skydiving in Abu Dhabi packages include the video cost as well. Every tandem skydiver will be followed by a camera flyer to ensure every moment of your adventure in Abu Dhabi’s sky is caught on tape. The videos are sent via link to you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these insider pro tips to help ensure your first-time skydive is nothing but astounding. If you’re now ready to take to the sky, then click the link below to book your adventure!